Individual professional weaknesses?

  • Do you have employees, even executives, in which you have discovered certain weaknesses?
    For example
    • Seller, which, although please, however, are not as successful in the actual sales.
    • Sellers who successfully apply many sales techniques but not "seal the deal" at the crucial moment?

Deficits in human resources management and leadership?

  • Have you in your leadership team technically very good department manager which have however deficits in people management and leadership?
    • And, although they have already visited various leadership training and have received the necessary tools at hand.
    • Yet you see any noticeable changes in their leadership behavior.
  • Would you still keep these employees in your ranks, but you need them to change in certain areas?
  • What do you think of a targeted coaching of these employees. Quite deliberately, no seminar or training, but a very specific relevant to the situation and the particular people coordinated development measure – a so called coaching. Read more on the procedure for coaching – the method!

Coaching is very efficient

  • Aligned to the specific person
  • Exactly with their strengths and weakness

Coaching sessions are very personal

  • Can go about the business environment
    • private situations
    • private problems

Coaching sessions are highly motivating

  • For the employee
    • "They take care of me"
    • „I get "real" solutions“
  • For the supervisor
    • Finally, targets and further developments are achieved
    • Relief for the manager


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