The term coaching

A brief explanation of the term:

The first meaning of the word "coach" describes a means of conveyance. It is an instrument that allows people to get from one place to another. In this context, at the meta level, coaching can be called a development instrument. The coachee formulates the goal, while the coach accompanies them on their way as a "fellow traveller".

The first borrowed uses of the word "coach" took place in the sport domain. Here, the coach is not only an instructor of athletic skills, but also a companion, a motivator, etc. In sport, the coach is also, and especially, an instructor for the athletes' mental skills and abilities.

In this context, it becomes clear that it is not the coach's responsibility to provide solutions to problems or conflicts. Instead, the coach is a neutral interlocutor and interaction partner, opens the door to individual (further) development for his coachee, smooths the path, and acts as companion.

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