Time and again you certainly will ask the question what your client or guest expects from your company, when she or he is working with you, won’t you? Time and again you and your employees will give serious consideration to the problem how to respond to her or his needs and demands satisfactorily.

As a result then you generally develop great offers and products; efficient marketing tools will help you successfully sell your goods. Yes, you are successful, yes indeed! Please accept our compliments!

Have you really made sure to adjust your organization to that apart from this so customer-oriented strategy? Have your employees been informed about the necessary strategies, since they are responsible for the client or guest service? You know your employees cannot always be relied upon to exactly know how to implement the promised guest or client service. Possibly the one employee interprets his task this way, the other one another way and a third one has failed to understand the meaning behind it.

Constancy & Consistency

And suddenly we are not talking about quality or your company standard any longer. Now we are talking about the fact that the person concerned, your employee, is the one to implement the customer requirements. Persistence, consistency and genuine quality - there is not much left!

Yes and this is exactly where Diavendo sets its QM System to work. Together with you we define the standards, especially in the process implementation, the area where your employees interact with guests and clients. Special attention is being paid to a possible reaction of your employees: They might find the excuse that they could not decide for themselves any longer. And so they could not respond flexibly, they simply ‘would have to’ act according to given guidelines and stick to these ‘new’ quality standards. Together with you and your employees we will develop practice-oriented decision-making processes and document our findings immediately. Your employees will be completely integrated into the whole process, so they will identify themselves with the QM System.

Your Identity

This whole approach guarantees one thing for sure: Keeping your corporate identity along with its individuality is an absolute must!!! Already existing standards or QM approaches will not be eliminated, but only - if necessary - optimized. Diavendo has appropriate templates and tools for many areas of the hotel industry , so it is not up to your team „to reinvent the wheel“. And even more importantly, the QM System must be easy to understand and apply. Only then will it come to life in your company. However, you should bear in mind that the actual success depends on the management’s support.

Your Advantages from a functioning QM System:

  • homogeneous Work of all your Employees at the same Level
  • you signal Competence and Professionalism to your Clients
  • Continuity in Workflow
  • correct and complete Information for your Clients
  • Safety for new Workers
  • consistent Work and Elimination of frequent Follow-Up Tasks save Time
  • protecting Employees from unjustified Criticism leads to stronger Motivation
  • 'Breaking in' of new Coworkers / Employees
  • and so forth

Don’t hesitate to ask us - together with you we would like to find out new chances and possibilities due to an efficient QM system in your entire company or possibly only in specific operating divisions.

For further information or an corresponding offer/concept please call us on +49/6181/4408440 or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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