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The above-named quote almost says it all! After all, working in the sales and marketing areas is an easy job, isn’t it? All we have got to do is to talk to our clients to get to know their expectations and needs. And we believe that we can provide a suitable product or offer to satisfy their expectations and needs. Then there is nothing in the way of your sales success!

But things are not as easy as that. On the one hand it takes a lot of time and energy to come to know the right clients, we do need a little courage to approach new clients boldly - whether by telephone or even personally - and on the other hand selling quite wrongly is often put on a level with going door to door. This in turn deters people time and again from doing a sales job.

At the same time selling is such a natural thing and one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. Please take into consideration our thoughts on it and click the button ‘Philosophy.’

Why are there controversial debates on the sales and marketing areas in a company time and again? Again and again new approaches are developed, since the standards, the environment and the trends keep changing rapidly. Another reason is the fact that companies continue to search for proper, even better strategies time after time. It is a pity that neither people nor concepts are given a reasonable time frame to develop and so to have the chance to be successful.

This is exactly what Diavendo’s daily business is about. We want to give you the necessary support to define the appropiate targets, strategies and structures. Once again the preparation, the mise en place, in the selling and marketing areas will be decisive for your later corporate success!

Please have a look at our concepts we have developed for you; they have already been applied successfully in different companies. You can also benefit from our market insight: Let us talk about how we can adapt these concepts to your own company’s current situation.

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