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You certainly know the „TÜV“ (German organization that validates the safety of products) that performs biennial car safety tests. They make sure that your car is in a roadworthy condition and your ‘licence’ will be renewed for two years.

We have modelled our „TÜV“ after this, bearing your sales and marketing areas in mind. We will also check the ‘fitness’ of your organization, company and approach for the next two years and we will tell you if things should be renewed or changed. We will give special attention to the situation of your own business and we will issue an examination record that will contain adequate improvement recommendations.

You select three different packages from our range of services - depending on how intensively you want us to immerse ourselves into your sales & marketing areas. Please contact us and we will gladly send you our offer tailored to meet your needs on the basis of the following concepts:

The Sales & Marketing Check

It is our goal to check your sales & marketing activities so far impartially and scrupulously. What are your selling and marketing tools and what is your course of action? How useful is their application and how do you measure success?

  • you can compile your Sales and Marketing Activities so far on the Basis of a Checklist we are going to mail you
  • you then mail your Data back to us
  • we analyse and evaluate your Data
  • you will get a 9-Point Plan
  • our Evaluation that singles out each Selling & Marketing Tool will help you realize where your Strengths and Weaknesses lie
    • Classical Advertising
    • Advertising Media / Material
    • Collateral Advertising / Marketing Collateral
    • Direct / Dialogue Marketing
    • Press Activities / Publicity
    • Public Relations
    • Sales
    • Sales Promotion / Merchandising
    • Classical Distribution
    • Electronic Distribution
  • We assign a maximum of ten points per section, you can receive an overall maximum of 90 points. So you will know if your marketing performance is excellent or where urgent action is needed.
  • We will give you an example of information per section that represents the highest possible score. This will give you an exact idea where your sales and marketing activities can still be improved.

It would be ideal if you checked your marketing performance in the months of July and August, before you are going to prepare your selling and marketing plan.

The Sales & Marketing Commentary

It is our aim to provide you with strategic approaches that will show you how to maximize present selling and marketing activities without having to allocate additional efforts and financial means.

  • our complete Range of Services comprising Sales & Marketing Checks (see above) additionally:
  • for each Sales and Marketing Tool depending on the evaluation we will give you accurate written Instructions telling you specific Areas for Improvement
  • we will recommend you the most Opportune Moment to launch Action
  • corresponding Examples will buttress your Strategy

The Sales & Marketing „TÜV-certified“ (please see above) - personally

We will be implementing all the measures of the sales & marketing check and the sales & marketing commentary in a local one-day workshop on-site at your company. In addition, together with you we will prepare an individual sales and marketing plan including precise cost and profit planning

  • based on the Evaluation per Selling and Marketing Tool you will instantly see where your Strengths and Weaknesses lie
  • in doing so we can pay greater attention to the personal and individual Thoughts, Moods and Opinions of you and your Employees
  • the Diavendo-Advisor is able to give you concrete Proposals on Improvements directly in the Workshop; he will explain them to you and talk about the Chances, Advantages and Disadvantages when it comes to implementing them; he will also define a first rough Estimate of Cost and Turnover Expectations.
  • in our discussions we will be opening up suitable Selling and Marketing Paths and in particular, we will be considering your personal Expectations and Attitudes
  • Minutes will be taken directly in the Workshop, so that you will have measurable Results at once
  • the Diavendo Advisor will be completing these Minutes in the Diavendo office : He will be adding further Proposals for the Improvement of your Selling and Marketing Activities
  • an individual After-Talk by Phone will be securing the desired Effect

For further information or a corresponding offer/concept please call us on +49/6181/4408440 or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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