You are managing a team of sales representatives? Concededly, you are faced with varying difficult situations time and again? Your colleagues implement your guidelines very differently - you might even get the feeling now and then that your colleagues ignore them? At the same time colleagues from other departments make your work difficult with competence and allocation problems cropping up again and again?

After all, you have discussed everything in detail with your employees and colleagues - and everybody has agreed with you? Suddenly things are interpreted otherwise or implemented „individually“ from memory.

Maybe you have overlooked only one decisive step so far - that is to finalize clear structures and definitions of your approach. To document the what, how, when and where in a sales manual or handbook - as is already the case in many other areas of a company with Quality Management Handbooks.

Your Targets:

  • Common Understanding on the future Sales Work in all the relevant Areas
    • Management
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Revenue Management
    • selected Operative Departments
    • Management of the attached Industrial Premises, Hotels, Branches
    • etc.
  • preparing an efficient Sales Manual that all Employees, Department Heads and Directors as well as the Main Office who are involved in the Selling Process can and ‘must’ adhere to
  • laying the Foundations for the Translation of a successful Training Concept into Sales
  • achieving greater Efficiency in the Sales Work
  • strengthening of the Cross-Selling within the whole Company
  • reaching Independence of Individual Employees or Situations in the Sales Areas

You determine the Scope of a Sales Manual - we will be glad to help you.

Possible Topics are:

  • all possible Distribution Channels
  • Filing System for Commercial Applications
  • Activity Planning and Reporting
  • Job Profiles for Salespersons
  • handling Supplies
  • Supply Overview
  • handling Advertisements
  • Tasks of the Manager, Director, Branch Manager in the Sales Area
  • CI and CD within a Company
  • Customer Objections
  • Fam Trips
  • Contracts for Bulk Buyers
  • Key Account Management
  • Commission Regulations
  • Client Rating
  • Client Groups
  • Client Files
  • Mailings
  • Trade Fair Participation
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing Disciplines
  • Marketing Plan
  • the Essence of Meetings
  • Descripton of Advantages and Benefits
  • Personal Contact with your Clients
  • Presentation Folder / Materials
  • Prices and Price Regulations
  • Pre-Opening Sales at new Locations
  • Products & Supplies
  • Flash Sales
  • Sales Leads
  • Interface Definition to Other Departments
  • Client Segmentation
  • Salesperson Job Description
  • Selling and Marketing Activities
  • Sales Regions
  • Sales Trips
  • handling Contracts
  • Objectives of a Sales Talk
  • Targets of a Sales Department

Course of Action:

We recommend preparing a sales manual together with a selected group of participants from your company. This group should cover various positions or areas when necessary.We suggest that 4-8 persons should take part.

We will develop the topics you have selected in pertinent workshops. If need be, the Diavendo advisor will slip into the role of a coach / trainer imparting the necessary knowledge to promote the process successfully. If your employees join the preparation of the sales manual they will surely identify with the findings flawlessly.

For further information or an appropriate offer/concept please call us on +49/6181/4408440 or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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