Trainings, seminars, workshops, instructions - We often use these terms correctly, but every now and then we tend to misuse them. There are clear-cut differences between these training measures, however, they do have a common goal:

To develop and promote people!

Of course, you as a businessman pursue other aims, above all far more detailed targets that must be shared and respected by your trainer as well as your employees. First you have to make sure that both trainer and employees get to know and understand their goals. Be sure it is the very training goals you personally have set for your employees.

Diavendo will always do its utmost to agree with you on a set of concrete objectives to make the training efficient. The things your employees should improve after a seminar will be worked out very carefully.

For example:

  • Boosting the Sales of higher Quality Goods
  • Increasing Sales
  • Finding the best way to deal with Clients to improve Client Loyalty
  • Shaping the Behaviour of certain Employees successfully
  • Avoiding the most common Complaints
  • Reducing Costs in certain areas of your Company
  • Improving Employee Satisfaction by Managerial Efficiency and Guidance

In our all-around preliminary talk on the training unit we will discuss and define targets that go way beyond the aforementioned items.

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