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The development of your personality fascinates us in just the same way as Hermann Hesse described in his books and letters:

“Imagine your self as being a deep lake with a small surface. The surface is consciousness. It is light there. What occurs there is what we call thought. But this part of the lake that forms the surface is infinitely smaller than the rest of the lake. It may be the most beautiful, most interesting part, because the water is renewed, changed and enriched when it meets air and light. But those particles of water on the surface rotate incessantly. The water constantly rises from below, sinks from above. There are always currents, there is always equalisation, displacement. Every particle of water wants to be at the top once in a while. Just as the lake comprises water, our self or our soul (it is not a matter of words) comprises thousands upon millions of particles, from a constantly growing, constantly rotating stock, from memories, from impressions. What our consciousness sees of this is the small surface. The soul does not see the infinitely larger part of its content. Now, the soul seems to me to be rich and healthy, and – fortunately – capable, by means of a constant, fresh influx and exchange that occurs from the great darkness towards the small light field. Most people harbour thousands and thousands of things in themselves that never come to the surface, that rot and suffer down below. For this reason, because they rot and cause anguish, these things are repeatedly rejected; they are viewed as suspicious and are feared. This is the sense of every morality – what is recognised as being harmful must not come to the surface! But nothing is harmful and nothing is useful; it is all good, or it is all neutral. Every single person carries things within himself that belong to him, of which he is fond and that are intrinsic to him, but that must not come to the surface. If they came to the surface, morality says, there would be misfortune. But perhaps there would be good fortune for this very reason! That is why everything should come to the surface, and the person who bows to morality will become impoverished.”

We’d like to go “snorkelling” or even “diving” with you, and bring your personality to the surface. We’ll help you find, understand and present your true SELF. Does that sound good?

Training, seminars, workshops, educational courses: these terms are usually – but not always – used correctly. There are very clear differences between these career development measures and yet they all have a common goal:

to develop and nurture people.

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