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  • Born 9 November 1973 in Neukirchen, Lower Austria
  • Nationality: Austrian
  • Grew up in rural Grafenbach in the Semmering region, close to the mountains and yet not far from Vienna
  • After spells away from home, now back in the area and living in in Ternitz (near home town)
  • Married with a son (born 2002)
  • Working languages: German and Austrian
  • Trainer, coach, management consultant and personality developer

Beruflicher Werdegang

  • Trainer for over 25 years for:
    • Weight Watchers Austria
    • Companies in the tourism industry, of every shape and size
  • Over 20 years in tourism:
    • Head of incoming tourism department
    • Marketing and sales
    • Strategic destination development
  • Around 10 years as an entrepreneur:
    • Managing partner of conos gmbh, Austria –
    • zwanzig20 consulting GmbH, Austria
    • Cooperation: diavendo trainer
  • Ongoing professional development:
    • EcoC, persolog, profiler and NLP qualifications

Pursuits and passions

Working mum – balancing two worlds

I’ve loved travel since my youth, to anywhere but ideally always somewhere new. I relax by reading a good book by the sea, in a meadow or by a crackling fire in the hearth. And, as an Austrian, skiing in the winter is almost compulsory. Every kind of music also boosts my positive attitude.

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Training, seminars, workshops, educational courses: these terms are usually – but not always – used correctly. There are very clear differences between these career development measures and yet they all have a common goal:

to develop and nurture people.

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